Sunday, July 5, 2009

North to Alaska

I'm in a little town called Coal River with a population of 4. Not 400, not 40, 4! I've seen lots of wildlife and the weather has been mostly good but I did drive through a couple bad storms but they were pretty quick storms.

I cross the border into Canada in NE Washington last Friday. My car was searched bye the stupid border patrol because they thought I had "too many back-packs." I guess they've never been on the road for 3 weeks before.

Friday and Saturday were both LONG days. Friday, I went all the way to almost Lake Louis. Yesterday, I took my time going through Lake Louis and Jasper. Last night I went all the way past Fort St. Johns. Today, I made a short day and am stopping a little short of Watson Lake. I have pictures posted on Facebook. I don't know if I'll get them on here yet or not. The internet is really slow here.

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