Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hells Canyon Trip

My friend Creighton and I have a motorcycle trip planned to Hells Canyon. I'm really looking forward to this. The roads I have planned are supposed to be excellent motorcycle roads.

Hells Canyon MapThe basic route is Sumner to Chinook pass, then east to Lewiston, ID. South to Joseph, OR, then to Wallowa lake. From there east to Hells canyon and and eventually down to the Snake River itself. Back west to Baker City for the 2nd night. From their, depending on weather and how we feel we can just head north along I-84 but what I'm really hoping we can do is head west to highway 39 which supposed to be an absolutely perfect motorcycle road. Either way we eventually end up near Pendleton and then go west to The Dalles for night 3. From their a little further west then north up the Wind River road. North to pass along the east side of Mt. St. Helens and then eventually continue north until home.

Here is a map and some details of the trip.