Monday, June 11, 2007

Thorp Mountain

Thorp Peak

I hiked up to Thorp Mountain lookup on Saturday. I was expecting tons of snow but it actually wasn't too bad. It was on/off rainy the whole time but overall, it wasn't really bad at all. We were the first ones up there for the day but on the way down we ran into lots of people. A group of five people were turned around and went the opposite direction they should have gone to get to Thorp Mountain. They also weren't exactly sure how to get back to their car . . . lol. I think I was able to help them out.

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hells Canyon

Just got back from Hells Canyon. Here are some pictures.

Hells Canyon

Overall, this trip was excellent. It had some of the best motorcycling roads I have EVER been on.

The first night we stayed in Lewiston, ID which is joined with Clarkston, WA on the other side of the river. I just have to say, neither of us liked these two cities, at all. Everything in Lewiston seemed to close by 6pm and we couldn't even find a place to eat except for a smoke field bar. So we headed over to Clarkston. As we headed out of Lewiston, Creighton was almost taken out by some drunk going the wrong way on a one way street. We finally found a restaraunt on the water that looked promising but we quicly found that the service had a lot to be desired. The food was okay though and we had a table overlooking the river. It was cool because we could actually see lots of big fish swimming in the river right from our table. The next morning we did find one bright spot in the city. We ate at a place called Waffles n'More. It was actually great food with great service. The waitresses were so chipper and friendly that it seemed like something out of Stepford Wives though. lol

That morning we headed south on highway 129. Immediately after leaving a little city called Asotin we hit some excellent road. Then on/off all the way to Enterprise the roads were absolutely a blast. We did try to take a little side route down a canyon near were we were to cross the state line but it turned out a good chunk of the road was gravel. Not just gravel but 2 inches of fresh gravel. We nixed that idea but we had already gone 8 miles or so off the main road which means we had a 16 mile detour. All in all, not too bad; I'm just glad we didn't have to back track too far. It turns out, it wasn't so bad though because it turns out we would have missed of the best roads had we had gone the other way.

On south we went on into a little town called Enterprise. There was nothing great about Enterprise at all and we motored right through. Joseph came up shortly after though and is a great little town. Joseph has lots of little shops and is a friendly, clean place to visit. I wish we had a bit more time to actually explore it but we had a long day and were already running well behind our plan. We got gas at the only gas station in Joseph and oh yeah, we are in Oregon were people are not capable of pumping their own gas. After getting re-accustomed to the gas station practices of Oregon we motored on to Wapato Lake which is south of Joseph.

more to come soon . . .