Sunday, September 30, 2007

iPhone Part 2

Well Apple has gone and done it. In the latest firmware update for the iPhone, they blocked all third party applications. It basically turns the iPhone into an iToy. It's really sad because I really like the phone but without being able to install useful third party applications which increase the capabilities of the phone, it's just a really cool web browser. Well the iPod part is useful but I never use it so that doesn't matter to me. The thing I don't understand is how a company like Apple that is so innovative can make such bone-headed decisions like this one. They have pretty well just guaranteed that the iPhone is going to only appeal to a small niche market just like they did with Macs . . .

Apple should really think this through because there are some other really cool devices on the horizon that are going to have the cool features of the iPhone but with even bigger screen, third party app support, and without the limitations of the iPhone.

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